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“Let’s Win the Globe”

A very warm welcome to 
A Residential English Medium School


We are passionate about offering children an exciting, stimulating and rich curriculum, based on real reasons for learning. We hope that you will share with us, the belief that every child should have the opportunity to meet their potential and develop the academic, creative, social and spiritual skills that will enable them to fulfil a happy and prosperous life.
Our school enables pupils from the age of 3-17 to meet the challenges of an education that will prepare them for life in the 21st century. We use a wide range of styles and resources to excite, motivate and challenge our young people to succeed.

We aim to give every child, whatever their background or their circumstances, the support they need to:
⦁ be healthy
⦁ stay safe
⦁ enjoy and achieve through learning
⦁ make a positive contribution to society
⦁ achieve economic well-being
AQAMAT is started by a common man to fulfil the dreams of common minds. It has been a common problem for people of Assam that though there are thousands of schools in every places of the state but either some schools never come out to the teaching and learning system for practical life or some schools are unaffordable for common men. The basic reason behind the starting of AQAMAT is to provide international level education with very low expenses.
The school provides all possible trainings and knowledge to your child so that he can easily choose about what to do for his life, so that he can get the topmost position in whatever field he chooses for his life,
Along with a national level course curriculum AQAMAT teaches the basic knowledge of the religion of whatever religion he/she belongs to so that in the field of religious practice he can lead his society towards the good works for his society
Along with bookish education system AQAMAT strongly provides Dance, Music, Art, Martial Art, Acting, Archery, Swimming, NCC trainings so the he can fit himself with international level Sports personalities.
Though, providing all these educations not so easy with such a low expense, still we are doing it only for sacrifice of teachers and staff for the sake of the tomorrow’s better society.
We, all the staff members, right from the 4th Grade to the Managing Director are working for the better tomorrow of your child with a clean mentality of service to the society.
As a member of this social service team, I would feel pleasure to welcome you or your Child to AQAMAT as disciple either as a Day Scholar or as a Boarding Scholar.
AQAMAT has one residential Hostel separately each for boys and girls with an intake capacity of 66 boys and 32 girls.
The hostels are well furnished with double storied beds, mattresses, Pillows, Bed sheets, separate dressing room, Running Water 24 hours light facilities etc.
We, the Team AQAMAT would feel pleased enough to show you our School and Hostels.
Abdul Halim

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