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Message From Principal

Welcome to the Fourth academic year at AQAMAT!!!
Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am privileged to lead AQAMAT, an institution whose mission is inclusive and collective growth. Our vision is to develop each & every child seeking admission to our institute into patriotic, confident, mature and world class citizens who are prepared to face challenges at global stage, at the same time are aware of their roots, origin & culture. A dedicated team of teachers, administrative staff, passionate & cooperative parents, and a management imbued with great vision, form a unified team making endeavours to achieve the above.
At AQAMAT we believe that every Child has an inborn extra-ordinary quality, may it be in the field of books, or in the field of Sports of in the field of Culture. The prime mission of our school is to filter that inner quality out from every by child by providing them every facility to grow.
Our students are provided with educational experiences in an enriching environment that would enable them to apply knowledge, skills and concepts taught effectively in the dynamic and fast-changing modern world.
The curriculum, methodology & activities adapted are well thought of & help in tapping talents in the field of sports, art/ craft, dance & music providing a gradual and steady growth in the overall development of students. Our aim is to help children feel confident to face the world with required skill sets, make them emotionally balanced and capable of discerning between good and bad.
All our students are provided with equal opportunities to develop themselves in the fields like, Religious Knowledge (for every religion), Curriculum, Dance, Music, Martial Art, Fine Art, Acting, Swimming etc.
As our Motto Says “Let’s Win The Globe”, We are working 24×7 to win the Earth from every field through our students.
Let’s join hands towards a promising future.

Mosspiara Begum

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